Strawberries are early this year!

Strawberries are early this year!
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully

Chop up the rhubarb and prep the pie crusts, strawberry season has arrived.
The Record is always on strawberry watch this time of year, wondering when the first crop will be available. In 2019, the season had a late start, pushing into the first week of July.
Back in 2016, the paper announced the beginning of the strawberry season on June 29. And in 2011, heavy rain in May made the fields waterlogged and delayed planting. There are always dozens of factors that play into how a growing season will play out.
With cool temperatures and frost warnings last week, it seemed unlikely the fruit would be ready before the end of June.
None the less, it has arrived.
While u-pick farms won’t open for another few weeks, strawberries have been popping up at fruit stands all over the Townships, some as early as last week.
Wasn’t it about time for some sweet news?

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