Strike challenges and impact on health services in Quebec

Strike challenges and impact on health services in Quebec

By William Crooks

Local Journalism Initiative

The Common Front, a union group comprised of 420,000 Quebec public sector workers, announced plans for a seven-day strike from Dec. 8 to 14. According to Danny Roulx, provincial representative for the Alliance du Personnel Professionnel et Technique de la Santé et des Services Sociaux (APTS), part of the Common Front, public sector health workers face particular challenges.

In a recent interview, Roulx shared insights on the ongoing strike and its significant impact on the health network in Quebec.

Roulx highlighted the withdrawal of a key “centre documentaire”, a centre that holds important documentation, a move that has affected several sectors within the health network. This action has prompted various sector workers to craft new responses to the challenges they now face, especially those working with individuals suffering from sexual disorders or behavioral issues. “All of this was removed by the employer,” he said, and it is important for them to put it all back in place.

A critical aspect of the strike revolves around the financial strain it places on APTS members. Roulx confirmed that while there is strike compensation, it kicks in only after a certain period (60 days), acknowledging the monetary sacrifices members are making. The core message from the APTS members is clear – enough is enough. After years of vocalizing their issues and suffering salary losses, they demand an augmentation of their conditions. The loss of skilled professionals to other sectors or places offering better salaries is a stark reality that the health network faces.

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