Stuck at home? Why not write a biography?

By Gordon Lambie
Stuck at home? Why not write a biography?
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The long stretches of isolation brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic this past year left many wondering how best to use their time.
For Winston Fraser, the answer was to write a new book.
According to the author, the project that became Dearly Beloved: A biography of John and Dorothy French, got started in March after the passing of his brother, Malcolm “Mac” Fraser.
“I was going through his things when I came across this photograph of John and Dorothy,” Fraser said, explaining that the couple, who both died in 1970, had been his godparents.
Despite an avid interest in local history, the author said that he had never taken the time to learn much about the Frenchs in the past, other than to know that Dorothy had been a teacher and that John had served for a time on what was then known as Quebec’s Legislative Assembly, and that the two were a well-respected local pair. Presented with the opportunity to learn more, Fraser dove right in.
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