Students return to campus for in-person classes and activities

Students return to campus for  in-person classes and activities
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Michael Boriero

Bishop’s University and Champlain College Lennoxville students have returned to campus for orientation week, as well as a regular slate of in-person classes and activities, and everyone appears to be on board with continuing health and safety protocols.
Champlain Students’ Association (CSA) President Malayha Vaillancourt said all of the measures currently in place are completely reasonable. The students are just eager, and nervous, to be back full time, and in the same room as their friends, peers, and professors.
“Well masks are to be put on at all times other than when you are outside when you can distance yourself, then you don’t have to wear it, but if you are in class or in the hallway, then there has to be a mask, and it has to be a procedural mask,” said Vaillancourt.
Some returning students have expressed that they would have preferred keeping a two-metre physical distance in classrooms and take off their masks, but, she continued, while everyone is simply fed up with the mask mandate, they also understand it is for safety reasons.
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