Sunnyside Elementary and wrestling association tag team “Border Brawl”

Sunnyside Elementary and wrestling association tag team “Border Brawl”

By Bird Bouchard


Sunnyside Elementary School and the Eastern Townships Wrestling Association have tag teamed for a fun night of entertainment.

On April 15, wrestlers from ETWA will compete in the “Border Brawl” held at Sunnyside as part of a school fundraiser.

According to Rachel Bury, a teacher at Sunnyside, all proceeds from the concession stand and the hall rental will benefit the students during the end of year ‘special day’.

“The money will help raise funds so we can have a petting zoo at the school for the day,” said Bury. “There aren’t many farm kids who attend the school so it will be fun for them to see some of the animals.”

Bury said the school used to run many fundraisers but haven’t been able to do so in years past due to Covid-19. She believes the upcoming event will be a fun night of entertainment for the entire family, different from the norm.

“It will be nice to have people back in the school and not have to go very far for a fun night out,” she said.

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