Sunnyside Stronger Together walk coming up on Thursday

By Matthew McCully
Sunnyside Stronger Together walk coming up on Thursday
(Photo : Sunnyside Facebook)

It is expected to be a rainy, dreary week, but look to Dufferin Street on Thursday afternoon, and you will get to see a beautiful rainbow.

Not in the sky, though. This rainbow will be the entire Sunnyside Elementary School, heading down the sidewalk, each grade in a different colour, for the school’s second annual Sunnyside Stronger Together walk.

Sunnyside teacher and organizer of the event, Tammy Mosher, explained that there are lots of significant dates throughout the year to draw attention and support for different causes.

In that spirit, Sunnyside decided to come up with a day of its own to recognize people who face adversity, and demonstrate that when people unite and work together, they are stronger.

The purpose of the walk is to bring that awareness out into the community, Mosher said.

“This is our second year doing it,” Mosher said.

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