Sutton citizens back petition for mail-in voting

By Gordon Lambie
Sutton citizens back petition for mail-in voting

A petition launched in the town of Sutton last week calling for expanded access to voting by mail in this fall’s municipal election has already amassed more than 100 signatures. Hosted on the online petition platform and championed by local glass artist David James, the petition asks that all Sutton residents who are eligible to vote be able to vote by mail in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic.
The petition comes following the tabling of Bill 85 at the national assembly, which expanded the list of people eligible to vote by mail to include people living in private seniors’ residences and those who are homebound and their caregivers, among others. Although positive about the changes in the bill, James told The Record that the petition was put together on the premise that Bill 85 doesn’t take things far enough.
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