Sutton groups denounce lack of transparency over John Sleeth Centre

By Gordon Lambie
Sutton groups denounce lack of transparency over John Sleeth Centre
(Photo : Ville de Sutton)

There is some tension brewing in town of Sutton over the question what’s to be done with the John Sleeth Centre. According to the town the building, which dates back to the 1880s and is home to several local community organizations, is in a state of disrepair and needs to be either renovated to replaced, but community members and representatives of the organizations using the building say that the way decisions are being made about the future of the structure is adding stress to an already challenging situation.
In an interview with The Record on Thursday morning Sutton Mayor Lafrance and the Town’s new general manager, Pascal Smith, referred to the fate of the community centre as an ongoing concern and said that different councils have been examining what to do with the aging building since at least 2008.
Asked about what brought the matter to a head right now, Lafrance explained that the council made a decision last year to have all the organizations occupying the building relocated by September of 2021. When Smith took on his role at the beginning of January, that file became one of his responsibilities and he began talking to the groups involved about getting the process underway.

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