Sweet contributions bring “community” to volunteer centre

Sweet contributions bring “community” to volunteer centre




As a non-profit charitable organization, the Missisquoi North Volunteer Centre (CABMN) serving the MRC Memphremagog west is often supported through the generosity of people in a variety of ways.  It might be through the time and talents given in volunteering, it may come by way of a monetary contribution or it may be a gift in kind.  Each of these ways are accompanied by a smiling face, supportive words and a generous heart.

I always find it important to take a moment to reflect from time to time on the wonderful heartfelt contributions of others and the various ways that a helping hand gets extended.

Recently the CABMN Senior Services team organized a maple fun day with games at its Senior Centre.  The event was a sugaring party of sorts where seniors came together to enjoy taffy on snow, beverages, games and more… As a highlight, someone suggested that a sugar shack might be approached to donate cones with maple syrup as a special treat for the seniors to enjoy.  The CABMN had the pleasure of being given the name of Daniel Bourassa a local maple sugar producer. This local sugar shack is located in Potton and has a wonderful longevity and history as a family farm dating back over 100 years.


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