Taking art online

By Gordon Lambie

When schools first closed on March 13, parents across Quebec were left wondering what they would do with their children at home for the next two weeks. In the time since, the internet has seen the rise of a number of shared creative projects. In the case of local art teacher April Blampied, it was two days before she picked up a camera and started to record activities people could do at home. “At first I was just going to share with my friends to help with fun ideas to do with their children but my son really enjoys watching Youtube videos of kids making their own videos and asked me if we could do the same,” she explained. “That inspired me further to make videos and share them with a larger population to help more families.” Recognizing that not everyone has the same level of expertise with art, the teacher said that she tried to make the activities accessible to a broad audience. “All my art activities are simplified versions of lessons I have given at the high school level,” Blampied shared. “Since I am doing the activities with my children, four and six years old, I geared the level to elementary.” See full story in the Monday, March 30 edition of The Record.

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