Taking care of business — by ZOOM

By Dian Cohen

A while ago I wondered what readers of this column were more interested in – understanding events that impact the general economy or information specific to their personal finances. I had some feedback with a thumbs up for both. (Many thanks, readers!)
As you know, I am associated with the Massawippi Valley Health Centre in Ayer’s Cliff. Two years ago, the Centre began renovations to the building to create a space dedicated to illness prevention and health promotion. The Wellness Centre was ready just as COVID-19 came along, so launching programs had to be put on hold. These programs will now be launched in October and fall into four categories: financial, physical, emotional and nutritional
One thing COVID-19 has taught us is that financial stress can impact your mind, body and overall wellbeing.
With The Sherbrooke Record sponsorship, The Wellness Centre is offering a financial health workshop series via ZOOM. It will cover topics such as why everyone needs an estate plan and a financial plan, saving and investing, Powers of Attorney/Mandates, medical assistance in dying, paying your fair share of taxes and no more at every stage of your life.
If you’re interested but have never done a ZOOM meeting, all you need is a camera on your computer or Ipad. We’ll get you up and running before the workshops begin. It’s not difficult to sign into the meeting and learn how to ask questions.
This series will be more than just talk – we have “hand-outs” to help you organize all the important information you should have at your fingertips. And your family will thank you if ever they have to deal with your affairs. There’ll be a summary of the workshop discussions, action plans to keep your financial wellbeing and peace of mind on track. The workshops will be conducted in English by me. Robert Downey, well-known notary will be on hand to respond to questions in both official languages. All the summary material will be emailed to you after each workshop.
Here’s the Outline of the series:
1. Estate Planning: if you’ve spent time and money acquiring possessions, no matter your age — a car, a home, a bicycle – it’s appropriate to consider what will happen to these things if you die or are unable to look after them. That’s what Estate Planning is all about – making sure that what you own is looked after.
2. Financial Planning: Financial planning is how you think ahead to achieve your goals. If you’re young and planning to finance your education or a senior planning how to leave your assets to the next generation, this session will show you how to define your goals and create a plan to achieve them.
3. All About Wills and All That Stuff: Making a Will can be a simple or as complicated as you need it to be. Everyone needs one because there are huge disadvantages for the people you leave behind if you die without one. This session will tell you all you need to know to ensure that your wishes are honored.
4. Saving and Tax Planning: We all have to pay taxes to both the federal and provincial governments. There are many ways to minimize the taxes you pay. Are you sure you’re taking advantage of them?
5 Pulling It All Together: Time for Feedback and Other Things you Want to Know.
The workshops will run Thursday evenings at 7 p.m. for five weeks, beginning Oct.15.
They will also be available Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. beginning Oct. 18. Each workshop will last about an hour.
Here’s how you register:
If you’d like an invitation to one of these free workshop series, go to www.csvm.ca , complete the registration form and make a donation to the Massawippi Valley Foundation either by sending a cheque or using the Donate button on the website. If you’re a member of the Health Centre, the donation is $25. If you’re not a member, the donation is $50. This gives non-members plenty of incentive to become a member –watch for the programs that are available for your physical, emotional and nutritional health on the website www.csvm.ca , on social media and in The Record.
Dian Cohen is an economist and founding organizer of the Massawippi Valley Health Centre. Cohendian560@gmail.com

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