Talking about suicide saves lives

By Gordon Lambie
Talking about suicide saves lives

Jan. 31 to Feb. 6 is suicide prevention week in Quebec, and will be marked by awareness activities from organizations across the province despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Sylvie Potvin, a trainer with Sherbrooke’s local suicide prevention organization, JEVI, said that resources will be made available daily through the group’s Facebook page.
“It is a way we have of being more visible and opening up conversations,” she said.
Under normal circumstances Potvin said that JEVI would aim to provide a mix of in-person and online resources over the course of the week but, like everyone else, the organization has been forced to adapt its programming to respect social distancing and sanitary guidelines. Still, the trainer said that the plan is to make multiple posts to daily, with capsules in both French and English, to help share information about how best to address concerns about suicide either in oneself or a loved one.

To reach JEVI during their opening hours, dial 819-564-1354. Potvin emphasized that there is no automated phone service, and that every call is directed to a real person. Outside of JEVI’s opening hours, all calls to its help line are automatically redirected to the provincial help line: 1-866-277-3553.

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