Tanker carrying dangerous chemical takes the ditch in East-Bolton

Tanker carrying  dangerous chemical  takes the ditch in  East-Bolton

tween Nicholas-Austin Road and Route 243 (Bolton Pass Road) in East-Bolton after a tanker truck carrying hazardous chemicals went off the road around 9 a.m.
According to SQ spokesperson Ingrid Asselin, the tanker was not breached and there was no contamination surrounding the accident.
Homes within 300 metres were evacuated as a precaution while the contents of the truck were transferred to another carrier.
Neither Asselin nor Transport Quebec representative Nomba Danielle could confirm the contents of the tanker. According to sources who contacted the Record, the sticker on the back of the truck implies that the contents could be styrene, which is a colourless toxic liquid used to make rubbers, polymers and polystyrene plastics.
Asselin said no other vehicles were involved in the incident. While the cause of the accident is still under investigation, she pointed out that the slippery roads in the region yesterday morning likely played a role in the tanker going into the ditch.
At press time the road was still closed. Asselin and Danielle could not estimate how long the clean-up of the accident would take, adding that security measures were in place and Environment Canada was on site to ensure the safe transfer of the hazardous chemicals.
**Transports Québec is reporting that route 245 is open again this morning(Friday March 3), as cleanup and recovery operations have ended.

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