Teachers still angry enough to strike, even during lockdown

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
Teachers still angry enough to strike, even  during lockdown

With the possibility of classes relocating online, Quebec Provincial Association of Teachers (QPAT) may see considerable changes in their strike plan.
Despite demonstrations in the Eastern Townships early last month, negotiations for better working conditions for teachers across Quebec have not moved forward. This stagnation has led the union to push for a strike mandate – but whether it will happen depends on teachers.
According to QPAT president Heidi Yetman, moving classes online may discourage teachers from striking. This is partly because the possible lockdown is likely to restrict outdoor gatherings and limit the visibility of a strike.
“In a pandemic, our pressure tactics are limited,” said Yetman. “But we can still go out and get a strong mandate to strike.”
And Yetman is confident teachers are angry enough to move forward.
“It’s going to be a little bit more difficult,” said Yetman. “But I think teachers are pretty angry with the government right now.”

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