Teaching empathy through pandemic-modified art

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
Teaching empathy through pandemic-modified art
(Photo : Courtesy)

When she started her teaching practicum at Richmond Regional High School, Aislinn Fisher felt sick to the stomach with dread. Through the support of her students and associate teacher, however, she quickly built a social circle in a classroom filled with empathy and love.
“My mind is so far from hitting targets and learning objectives and mastery,” said Fisher. “It is so much more on what it means to express yourself, what does it mean to connect to someone.”
Fisher started her Bachelor of Education degree at Bishop’s University in 2015 and has since fallen in love with the Townships’ teaching scene. In 2019, she started teaching theatre at Richmond Regional High School for her six-weeks internship and was sent back this year to complete her 13-weeks practicum.
This time, however, Fisher had to take on the roles of both an educator and as well as “mask police”.

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