Tenants of Residences Oxford upset by removal of garden

Tenants of Residences Oxford upset by removal  of garden
Late Residences Oxford tenant Eddie MacEachern began the annual tradition of planting a garden for the community to enjoy. Pictured is the garden Carolyn Bentzen created in 2022 to continue this tradition. (Photo : Courtesy)

By Cassie MacDonell
Local Journalism Initiative

Tenants of Lennoxville’s Residences Oxford were upset at the management’s decision to remove tenant Carolyn Bentzen’s garden from Residences Oxford property. The garden has been planted in the same space every year—a tradition started by late tenant Eddie MacEachern.
“Ever since I’ve been here, a neighbour has always gone out and planted (the garden) and put flowers in,” said Bentzen. She has lived at Residences Oxford since 2012, adding that the community has always appreciated MacEachern’s work. After his passing in 2019, the garden stayed empty, but was started again this year due to the wishes of his widow, who still resides at Residences Oxford.
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