The catch of a lifetime…so far

By Nevin Vosinek

Editor’s note: This picture and article was submitted by a young fisherman from Stanstead. The Record would like to congratulate Nevin on his impressive catch and wish him the best of luck in future fishing expeditions.

Hi, my name is Nevin Vosinek, I am 12 years old and I caught the biggest fish of my life. I wanted to share the story because I think it’s a rare catch. The fish was a giant northern pike and it measured 50 inches long and it weighed 15 pounds. The teeth were huge and it was a challenge taking it off.
It was just a normal day of fishing on Lake Memphremagog until this fish hit my line. I reeled in the fish from a canoe, using 6 lb line with no leader and a lure (I cannot share its name).
While I am out of school, I was lucky enough to catch this beautiful fish. We ended up releasing it and hope somebody else can one day experience the fight that I did.
Maybe this is a sign of good things to come.

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