The Christmas gift that keeps on giving

By Gordon Lambie
The Christmas gift that keeps on giving
(Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Kristal Maguire, Spiritual Life and community outreach animator with the Eastern Townships School Board, was at the Lennoxville Provigo on Tuesday morning handing out what she was calling “winter break baskets” thanks to the great generousity of the local community during Alexander Galt Regional High School’s Christmas basket campaign.

“The money just kept coming in and I couldn’t spend it all, so I said I was just going to do a little smaller campaign,” Maguire said, explaining that the additional funds raised in December were enough to put together an $85-90 basket of food for 14 different families.

“They are all the people who were on our Christmas list,” the community outreach animator added, explaining that there was no additional recruitment this time around because the point was just to deal with money left over from the Christmas campaign. She added, however, that the school will soon be launching its annual collection for the Easter holiday.
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