The dilemma faced by American students

David Rossiter, Special to The Record
The dilemma faced by American students
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With crossing the Canada-U.S. border more restricted than ever, Bishop’s University students hailing from the U.S. a dilemma. To come to Lennoxville or not to come?
There is no right or wrong answer for this question, which students have had to ask themselves for the first time this year.
Patrick Thompson is a third-year business student at BU who hails from Underhill, Vermont. Underhill is located near the biggest city in the state, Burlington, and is only a two-hour drive from Sherbrooke.
Due to the proximity, an ordinary school year for Thompson has routine trips across the border. “Obviously I normally go home for Christmas break, but I also make sure to visit home during Canadian Thanksgiving. On American thanksgiving, my parents make a point of coming up to Lennoxville and visiting me,” he said.
Thompson said he had a tough decision to make back in the summer. “I found online learning tough at the end of the 2019-2020 school year, so if there was the possibility of in-person classes this year, I wanted to be in Lennoxville for them.”

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