The Fossmobile rolls its way into the history books

The Fossmobile rolls its way into the history books

By Gordon Lambie


After four years of work to highlight and advocate for greater knowledge of Canada’s first gas-powered automobile, the Fossmobile, Ron Foss says that he feels his work is now more or less complete.

“There’s a couple of things that we’re doing as a family to cap it all off, but we’ve pretty well reached the final step of the project,” Foss said explaining that the tribute / replica Fossmobile that was built to honour and highlight the accomplishment of his grandfather was officially donated the to the Canadian Automotive Museum in Oshawa, Ontario on Dec. 2 and will now be a part of that museum’s collection.

“This isn’t something I was building as a garage trophy, this is something I was doing for Canadians,” Foss said, clarifying that the vehicle was donated and not give as a family loan to serve his “number one goal” of getting more people thinking about this part of Canadian automotive history.

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