The Golden Lion Pub and brewery

Taylor McClure , Special to The Sherbrooke Record

After a recent visit to Uplands, we came across an older photo of College Street that was loaned to the Lennoxville-Ascot Historical and Heritage Society by Mrs. Glenys Groves, who helped establish the Golden Lion Pub. With very little information about this photograph, we went straight to the source for all the details. According to Groves, the brewery building that currently holds the Golden Lion Micro-brewery is not the same building that is presented in this photograph. “It looks the same because we hired an architect to make the old squared off garage we bought resemble this old one. He designed the top to look exactly the same. Our brewery building is also much farther back from the road than this old building. I’m not sure if part of the back is the same building but I doubt it because we also have more parking between us and the railroad.” See full story in the Wednesday, Sept. 25 edition of The Record.

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