The Hut open for business again

The Hut open for business again
(Photo : Matthew McCully)

By Matthew McCully

It was high time for some good news for Army Navy Air Force Unit #318 (The Hut), which happily opened its doors this week to members and guests for the first time in close to eight months.
“I remember the exact day we closed,” Army Navy Air Force Unit #318 President Peter Goodin told The Record. It would be hard to forget. The building closed officially at midnight on Nov. 11. The Hut was able to host members for Remembrance Day before closing its doors.
After that no gatherings or room rentals were permitted, and the closed bar meant no revenue streams coming in.
“Luckily we own the building,” Goodin said, but there were still building costs to account for, so The Hut was hit hard.
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