The importance of preserving local history

By Johnathan Houle – Special to The Record
The importance of preserving local history
Joel Barter discovering old Lime Kiln in Georgeville. (Photo : Joel Barter)

The Eastern Townships holds a vast wealth of historical artifacts and heritage sites, with some left forgotten in time or neglected. To preserve our local history, many communities have banded together to create historical organizations that wish to preserve sites and artifacts, one of them being in Bury.

The Bury Historical and Heritage Society was created on March 28, 2002, by Karin Fisher, Nicole Fortier and Louisette Roy. The objective of the organization was to encourage the preservation of history within the Bury area. To achieve their objective, they began to collect donated historical items from organizations and members within the community and safeguarded them in a secure environment. As the number of donated items grew, the Society has now expanded its area of operations.

Joel Barter is an archivist with the Bury Historical and Heritage Society, runs the Bury, Past Present and Future website as well as the Eastern Townships Roots Facebook page. Having both a professional and personal interest in local history, Barter has been an advocate in the Bury area for many years and actively spends what little free time he has in the pursuit of historical legacies. The Record spoke with Barter about the Society’s mission. “The historical society has the objective to collect, classify, catalog and preserve facts, writings and artifacts specific to the territory and the community of Bury,” Barter explained. While it originally planned to only incorporate items from Bury, it now includes items not specific to the Bury area, Barter added. “Our Society has evolved over the past several years, broadening it’s scope to encompass a much larger area of the Eastern Townships.”
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