The lion’s share of Lion memories are good ones

The lion’s share of Lion memories are good ones

By Matthew McCully


This series looking back at The Golden Lion Pub’s 50 years in business in Lennoxville promised the good, the bad and the ugly, but according to the Groves, most of the memories are of happy times, and many are linked to Stanley, who passed away nine years ago.

“My father really enjoyed this place,” Stan jr. said.

“We honour him,” owners Stan and Kevin Groves added, by maintaining their father’s original vision, “some bloody good companionship between the community and the student body.”

One policy still in place from the very beginning, the Groves said, is hiring students to help cover the cost of school.

And connecting with the community just came naturally.

First job, first beer, first time on stage at Acoustic Tuesday, first wing night, first dance with a future partner—after 50 years, The Lion is now part of the collective memory of students and locals alike.

This weekend, during the two-day bash celebrating The Lion’s anniversary, the Groves are hoping to see as many pub alumni as possible stop by. Kevin would like to collect and album of photos of former staff back behind the bar pouring a pint.

The funny thing about the pub becoming an institution in Lennoxville is that it was never meant to happen.

Not for the Groves, at least.

Back in the day, Stanley sr. promised Glenys, “It will only be five years,” she remembered, after which point they planned to cash out and buy a cottage somewhere.

Well, instead, the two other owners, Barnett and Seale, beat them to it, and the next thing you know, happy 50th birthday.

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