The mystery surrounding The Mystery Spot

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

Until it closed in 1999, The Mystery Spot located off route 147 between Lennoxville and Huntingville served as a unique attraction for Townshippers, people from across Canada, and the Eastern United States. As an area that defied the laws of gravity, many didn’t believe what they were experiencing and witnessing. While the Mystery Spot closed its doors in 1999 after over 30 years in operation, people hold fond memories of the place where only inexplicable things happened.
Henry Musty, owner of the Mystery Spot with his wife Bev Musty, take us back to how the Mystery Spot all began.
In the fall of 1966, Henry and Bev Musty decided to make their way back to the Eastern Townships after having moved out west. “We came back from the west in the fall of 1966,” said Henry. “We got the idea that we could do something back home because of the Expo ‘67 as a camp ground and tourist attraction and so on.”
While driving through Michigan on their way back home, they came across a unique place where the laws of gravity didn’t seem to apply, water was running uphill for example, and that is when Musty got the idea to develop The Mystery Spot. “We bought 75 acres of field near Huntingville and I started developing that (the camp ground) while I had this mystery spot idea in mind.”
One day as he was walking along the property he came across a cow path on the hillside. After setting up two cement blocks there perfectly leveled, Musty realized that if two people each stood on a block facing each other they would be at eye level with one another but once they switched spots there was height difference of about 4-5 inches. “People had a hard job trying to understand that. I would put the level on the blocks and oh yeah, it was level.”
He quickly got the first building of the Mystery Spot under construction and it was opened to the public in 1967. “At that time, we were charging 35 cents a person to go through. It was a 20 to 30-minute guided tour. We had water and a ball appearing to roll uphill on a board and a weight that swung a lot further towards the ceiling than backwards; a lot of different things like that.”

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