The news at Sherbrooke Elementary

By Gordon Lambie

On Feb. 17, Lisa Eryou’s Grade 3 class at Sherbrooke Elementary School took part in a workshop on how to write for a daily newspaper.

Le Defi Lis avec Moi
By: Adam, Jacob and Justin

This challenge is for 3rd and 4th graders. We have three weeks to practice reading. You have to read in front of the class. After reading in front of your class, if you win, you will read in front of the school. The big winner of the school will be filmed reading their book. The video will be sent to the contest organizers. They will decide who will be the final contestants for the grand finale in June. If you win that, you won! If you want to win, you need a book. Once you have a book, you need a part to read. You need to read with intonation!

See page 5 of Wednesday’s Record for all the news the stude chose to share based on what they learned.

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