The news from Pope Memorial: Bury students remember

Submitted by Pope Memorial

The students and staff at Pope Memorial have a long-standing history with the Bury Legion Br. 48. In fact, it was the students who once walked nearby school halls, and who were later called upon to defend their country, who returned home from the war to form the Bury Legion Branch 48. Although the founding members have all now passed away, their descendants have kept the memories of what they did for us alive.
The young students who attend Pope Memorial today, so many years later, can tell you about many of those young men and women who served. Through collaboration with the Bury Legion Branch 48, students have visited the graves of 109 veterans in four local cemeteries. At the graveside, students read the gravestones, to see how old the veteran was, and to see if he made it back from war, or died during the war. The veterans’ graves in these cemeteries have all been supplied with a white cross by the Bury Legion. The students respectfully place the Canadian flag atop the cross. See full story in the Friday, Oct. 4 edition of The Record.

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