The Old Tibbits Hill Schoolhouse

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

Sitting at the crossroads of Tibbits Hill and Center Road lies the old Tibbits Hill Schoolhouse. Built around 1844, the schoolhouse has a long history of serving the English community. It also serves as an important piece of English heritage dating back to the early days of settlement to the Brome Lake area. Erastus and Russel Tibbits legally transferred the land for the Tibbits Hill Schoolhouse to the Brome Township School Commissioners on October 28, 1844. Construction of the one-room schoolhouse began immediately. It was made of stone, and it was completed by 1845. This structure replaced the former schoolhouse on the hill that was made from logs in 1827. At the time, it was normal to have a schoolhouse located at a crossroads as it made it easier for the children who were walking to school from all directions. The Schoolhouse remained open for almost a hundred years before officially closing its doors as an educational institution in 1928. See full story in the Wednesday, July 31 edition of The Record.


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