The Sherbrooke Hospital

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Sherbrooke Record

In the late 19th century, cities like Sherbrooke were growing at an unprecedented rate and with larger and more dense populations came disease and a higher chance of an epidemic breaking out. Many cities lacked the sanitary measures that were necessary and hospitals were needed to help to treat diseases. Once known as the Sherbrooke Protestant Hospital, the Sherbrooke Hospital was incorporated in 1888. A man named Richard W. Heneker, a Sherbrooke businessman, strongly believed that the Protestant population of Sherbrooke should contribute to the health care of the community with a hospital. On April 22, 1887, Heneker wrote a letter to the Sherbrooke Daily Examiner suggesting that a hospital be established. He called on anyone who was interested in his idea to meet him at the Eastern Townships Bank on April 25. See full story in the Tuesday, Sept. 10 edition of The Record.

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