The top-secret history behind The Misty Experiment

The top-secret history behind The Misty Experiment
(Photo : Courtesy of Jennifer Astin)

By Aiden Wilson
Special to The Record

Top-secret missions flown by elite pilots during the Vietnam war sounds like a top gun prequel, but the stories of these veterans are all but fiction.
The Misty Experiment: The Secret Battle for the Ho Chi Minh Trail tells the exploits of young pilots who flew daily over deadly defences to locate enemy supply transports and aid in the rescue of fallen comrades.
Sherbrooke native and fellow Misty, Dean Echenberg, worked on the project as a commemorative piece for his veterans’ group.
The project was originally started12 years ago by Danny McGuire, who pieced together testimonies and snippets taken at one of the Mistys’ many get-togethers.
The reins were later passed to Echenberg, who, with the help of film director and grandson Ian Adelson, went on to polish the film into a finished state.
At first it was only distributed among the group, but after some members were so impressed that they sent copies to film studios, the project was eventually greenlit to form a full production!
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