The Townships green thumb, a symptom of the pandemic

By Marianne Lassonde, Special to The Record
The Townships green thumb, a symptom of  the pandemic

With animal shelters sitting bare, people are turning to potted pets and kitchen gardens to keep them company during the second lockdown.
Since March, greenhouses in Sherbrooke have experienced a shortage of indoor plants with twice the demands. According to Mélanie Grégoire, owner of Serres St-Élie, the horticulture industry has seen an increase of 40 to 60 per cent for indoor plants sales since April of last year.
“For the past few years we could feel a trend building for indoor plants,” said Grégoire. “But it’s particularly crazy right now.”
Before the March lockdown of last year, Serres St-Élie reported only requiring one truck load of plants per months to meet their customers’ needs but it has since increased to two trucks. The issue, however, is the existing shortage from suppliers in Florida.
Grégoire added any incoming set of rare plants typically sells within half an hour, leading many to shop second-hand to feed their botanical needs. The greenhouse owner said she has seen an increase in Facebook trade and sell groups for more rare plants, with some folks willing to pay almost double the original price of the plant.

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