The Wales Home: The past and the present

By Taylor McClure, Special to The Record

As the first English seniors home in Quebec, the Wales home has been serving the English community since the 1920’s. It is known as one of the best health institutions in the world and it continues to thrive and expand on the excellent care it provides for the senior population of the Eastern Townships. Taking into consideration not only the needs of its residents but also the family of these residents and the employees who work hard to provide the best care possible, it is no wonder that the Wales home has gained this reputation. Speaking with Brendalee Piironen, Executive Director of the Wales Home, we got the inside scoop as to what makes this health institution one of the best. After passing away in 1918, Horace Pettes Wales, a Richmond businessman, left behind his 162-acre farm in Cleveland, Quebec along with a significant amount of funds to establish a home for the Protestant seniors of the Townships. The farm had been a part of his family for three generations and he left it in the hands of four Protestant ministers to carry out his legacy. See full story in the Friday, July 26 edition of The Record.

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