These women. Those men

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These women. Those men

By Kathryne Owen – It has been 29 years since a man entered the Polytechnique of Montreal, separated the women from the men, and proceeded to shoot them. I’ve always understood the impact of this horrific act of violence, and the importance of acknowledging and denouncing the fact that it targeted women, for no reason other than their gender. But, unlike other losses, which become somewhat easier to accept in time, this one seems to grow more personal. The older I get, the more I recognize the faces of girls I know in those of the women who were killed 29 years ago. I see girls with whom I’ve worked, with whom I studied, whom I’ve taught. And the pain of knowing that they would be targets only becomes more acute. These girls, the ones who I know, are the kind of people who change the world one person, one moment at a time. See full story in the Thursday, Dec. 6 edition of The Record.

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