Thieves breaking into mailboxes for gas rebate cards

By newsroom
Thieves breaking into mailboxes  for gas rebate cards

A wave of daring thefts has been sweeping through the City of Sherbrooke lately with thieves targeting post boxes and the $10 Couche-Tard rebate cards. The cards are being distributed to compensate residents for losses incurred by the gas cartel that operated throughout the region a few years ago.
Thieves force open the main panel of mail boxes in apartment buildings rendering all unit mail boxes accessible. Police are asking citizens to be on the lookout.
Thefts became noticeable last week and continued throughout the weekend, particularly in Fleurimont, where the mailboxes of an apartment building on 13th Avenue were searched, as were those of a building on Walsh Street. Three individuals, a 47-year old man and two women aged 28 and 32, were arrested for this series of events last Thursday. In all, police have received over 50 complaints about pilfered mail boxes.
Police hope that surveillance videos captured during the thefts will help them identify perpetrators.
Those who believe themselves to have been victims of such a crime are encouraged to contact the SPS at 819-821-5555.

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