This year was a walk to remember

By Matthew McCully

Local long-distance walker Raymonde Bremaud recently handed over a cheque for $11,600 to the Canadian Cancer Society, raised with a solo 50 km walk.
Bremaud has been organizing the walk, usually done with a group of participants, since 1999.
Because of COVID-19, Bremaud decided to continue the tradition solo this year and did the fundraising and the walk on her own.
In a 2016 interview with The Record Bremaud explained that she started the 50 km walks because she was ­looking for a fun way to celebrate her birthday in May. Already a volunteer for the Canadian Cancer Society, she decided to start the fundraiser, holding it in May around her birthday. Bremaud said roughly 20 people participated each year.
In past years Bremaud and the walkers would set out at 7 a.m. and try to finish by 4 p.m. making it a full-day event. The event usually raised between $1,000 and $6,000 every year.
Even though she was alone this year, she managed to raise $11,600 for the Canadian Cancer Society.
A conservative estimate calculated four years ago put Bremaud at 900 km and $54,000 in the name of Cancer research.
Since this year’s walk Bremaud is now at 1,100 km walked and likely well over $70,000 raised with her annual fundraiser, aptly named ‘I have Two feet, therefore I walk’.
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