Thomas Mulcair to speak at Bishop’s

By Gordon Lambie

Thomas Mulcair, former leader of the Federal New Democratic Party and Provincial Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, will be the next speaker in Bishop’s University’s annual Donald Lecture Series on the evening of October 25. Taking place just four days after election night, the theme of Mulcair’s visit echoes that of political columnist Paul Wells, who came to the school just after the 2015 federal election and offered his reflections on the campaign and the election results. In addition to looking at how the votes were cast and what that might mean going forward, Mulcair will also engage the audience in a discussion on climate change. “It’s going to be fun,” Mulcair told The Record, noting that the climate has become “a substantive issue” in this election campaign and adding that the talk will provide an opportunity to look back on past governments’ failures to meet environmental goals and also speculate on what need to be done now to meet those set in the Paris Climate Agreement, among others. See full story in the Thursday, Oct. 10 edition of The Record.

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