Time to Relax!

Time to Relax!

By Phelps Helps


Cheers kids!  School’s out this week and this Wednesday was the summer solstice – it’s officially summer! If you haven’t already, it’s definitely time to get out the bikes, swimwear and baseball gloves and head outdoors for some fun. Summer can be a time for kids to relax, let loose, and get creative without the time restrictions and demands of school. While hard work is important, research has shown time off to relax and have fun is also important for our brains and overall health.

For anyone looking for fun activities to do out in the community this summer, there are many possibilities on offer within Stanstead and in the surrounding communities, from longer-term day camps to once-a-summer activities such as parades and music festivals. Phelps Helps itself will be offering several fun activities, including our free week-long STEM summer camp for kids aged 10 to 13, designed to help ease that transition back to school at the end of the summer. For those who want to watch some ball and enjoy snacks, Phelps will be holding their popular annual softball tournament from July 21-23. We have other exciting activities planned for teens – stay tuned!

There will be a few day camps for the youth of Stanstead, including a day camp held by the Town of Stanstead, from June 26 to August 11, and a soccer day camp held by Stanstead College from July 31 – August 1.


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