Topher farm building on last summer’s a-maze-ing success

By Gordon Lambie
Topher farm building on last summer’s a-maze-ing success
Christopher Maynard of Topher Farm in among the wildflowers sold at his farm stand. (Photo : Gordon Lambie)

Having experienced great success in 2021 with the first edition of their sorghum maze, Christopher Maynard of Topher farm is very enthusiastic about a new and larger version that has opened to the public this year. Located behind the farm stand along route 143 near Waterville.
“We had about 5,000 people come out overall over the course of the whole season, including school groups,” Maynard said.
In the month since this year’s maze opened, the farmer said that things have been a little bit calmer, but he pointed out that the busiest part of the first year was during apple season and as the cooler weather started to move in. In anticipation of larger crowds, however, this year’s maze is roughly twice the size of the first edition, with about five kilometers of pathway in total requiring somewhere from 10-15 km of walking to complete for someone looking to complete all the challenges inside.
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