Town of Bromont relaunches Trottibus, its own walking school bus

By Taylor McClure – Special to Brome County News
Town of Bromont relaunches Trottibus, its own walking school bus

The Town of Bromont and the Comité consultative de la famille de Bromont, in partnership with the Canadian Cancer Society, are getting set to relaunch their Trottibus project. Trottibus, an initiative of the Canadian Cancer Society, is meant to encourage elementary school children to take advantage of active transportation by having volunteers and coordinated walking paths to help them walk to school. The town first initiated the project in 2016, but it has been on hiatus for the last two years as a result of the pandemic. It will be relaunched on April 25 under a new formula.

“It’s more simplified, but it resembles previous years,” said Christine Rossignol, Culture and Community Life development officer for Bromont. “There are two paths in the old village, one in the Windsor sector and one in the carré des pains, and there is a path in the Adamsville sector. It is on the other side of the industrial sector. There are two elementary schools, one in Adamsville and one in the old village, and there are three paths in total.”

This year’s Trottibus project is being coordinated by the town and the Comité consultative de la famille, who play an important role in ensuring a good quality of life for families in Bromont. “It’s a committee of volunteers parents that are involved in the municipality and all the projects that concern the family,” explained Rossignol. “The town has a family policy and an action plan associated with that policy and the committee is there to ensure that these plans are realized and they participate in the family activities organized by the town.”

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