Townshippers Foundation keeps community interest at heart

Townshippers Foundation keeps community interest at heart

By Michael Boriero


The Townshippers Foundation, a non-profit charitable organization, has become a beacon of support within communities throughout the Eastern Townships, investing thousands of dollars every year to continuously improve the quality of life in the region.

Jane Loiselle, the current president of the board of the directors for the foundation, has been involved in the organization for more than 10 years. Although the pandemic slowed down the organization’s charitable work, the foundation has remained an active voice in the Townships.

“Our methodology will always remain the same. One of our members said years ago that we can only give away what we receive, in other words the donations that we receive. We keep a small percentage just to cover administrative fees, and we’re proud of that fact,” Loiselle said.

She told The Record most foundations use an 80-20 split when they receive donations. But the Townshippers Foundation only takes about 10 per cent of donations to cover its administrative costs, such as purchasing printing paper, for example. The rest goes back into the community.

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