Townshippers invited to walk in the shoes of a refugee

By Gordon Lambie

It’s said that to understand someone else’s pain, you have to walk a mile in their shoes. Tuesday afternoon, between 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., the Service d’Aide aux Neo-Canadiens is inviting the public to do just that with a half-hour simulation activity. The aim of the activity is to help people understand the experiences of the thousands of refugees and immigrants who come to Canada every year. According to Denisa Olimid, the Director of Communications at SANC, pariticpants will get to know the ways that the organization helps new arrivals by going through a 30 minute activity. The scenario is this: Canada and the United States are at war and thousands of displaced Canadians are seeking safety overseas. See full story in the Tuesday, Nov. 6 edition of The Record.

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