Townshippers release new data on ­English ­community ­vitality

By Gordon Lambie

English speaking communities in the Eastern Townships are, for the most part, less well paid, older, and not as well educated as their French speaking counterparts according to results published yesterday in a report by the Townshippers’ Association and the Community Health and Social services network (CHSSN). The report draws its information from an analysis of the 2016 census conducted by Dr. Joanne Pocock, and is meant to help support the work of the association in promoting and supporting the interests of the local English-speaking minority language community.
“An up-to-date knowledge base is really important for the Townshippers’ Association because it’s the basis for our development of grants, our discussions with stakeholders from all departments and levels of government and our regional stakeholders,” said Townshippers’ Executive Director Rachel Hunting, explaining that the association shared the data to help other local organizations who might not have the resources on hand to comb through census data themselves. See full story in the Friday, August 17 edition of The Record.

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