Townships community embracing CJMQ Radio Bingo

Townships community embracing CJMQ Radio Bingo

By Lawrence Belanger

Local Journalism Initiative


For the last three months, local community radio station 88.9 FM (CJMQ) has been broadcasting a weekly bingo game across the Eastern Townships airwaves. Every Tuesday at 7 p.m. people have gathered with their friends and family at home and in public spaces to listen to their radios and play four games of Bingo. Gordon Smith, who hosts the show and runs the game, has been impressed by the number of people who play each week. “I have to give full thanks to the community, they embraced us big time.”

David Teasdale, Station Manager, adds, “it’s been something that I wished for,” since he started at CJMQ.

Radio Bingo is pretty much what it sounds like. It involves broadcasting a bingo game from the radio studio while players tune into the radio station from anywhere they choose. Bingo cards are purchased at various businesses which sponsor the show. The exact format, setup, and even tone of the show can vary from station to station, according to Smith and Teasdale.

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