Townships poet assembles 70 authors for water-themed book

By Matthew McCully


Hatley resident Angela Leuck is preparing to host a mega garage sale and English tea at her home, hoping to raise funds to help publish a new book, Water Lines, featuring the work of 70 Townships authors.
The book, which will be published by Studio Georgeville, will be launched officially at the end of September.
Originally from B.C. Leuck developed a strong connection to water living near the Fraser River. She later lived in Montreal, and recently moved to Hatley.
During a three-month stint teaching in China earlier in the year, Leuck spent a lot of time thinking about water, pointing out that the country has a high water stress, meaning there simply isn’t enough to meet the population’s needs.
One of the first things she did when she got home was turn on the tap and pour herself a glass.
“Most of the world can’t do that,” she remarked, “It’s something we take for granted.”
Leuck, a published Haiku poet, became inspired to find a way to sensitize people to the scarcity of water and highlight its value.
“Who isn’t for water?”



See full story in August 9 edition of The Record

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