Townships Tea Festival

Townships Tea Festival
Scotts Tea Room (Photo : Courtesy)

By Aiden Wilson
Special to The Record

The Townships Tea Festival, an event by the Townships Trail, will be running its second edition on June 25 and 26 in collaboration with four local tea houses, Salon de thé Scott, Uplands Cultural and Heritage Centre, Colby-Curtis Museum, and Beaulne Museum.
Marking the beginning of the English tea season for each of the establishments, the weekend event encourages visitors to come to any of the four tea houses and experience their traditional service with an extra bit of flair.
“We at the Townships Trail promote North American and British heritage in a tourist route, and tea is an integral part of that heritage,” commented project manager Géraldine Lansiaux. “The goal is to make an event to debut our English tea season and to give visitors an experience they won’t find for the rest of the season, with events exclusive to the festival.”
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