Townships warned to brace for extreme cold

Townships warned to brace for extreme cold
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Record Staff

An extreme cold warning is in effect for much of Southern Quebec, with Environment Canada warning of possible wind chill values of -38 Celsius for Tuesday morning.

Although that kind of intense cold represents a risk for everyone, the local public health department issued a warning that certain groups should be considered particularly vulnerable.

Seniors, people with cardiac and respiratory chronic illnesses, newborns and young children, people with reduced mobility, people with reduced senses of risk, those who work outdoors and the homeless, and people who practice outdoor sports are all considered to be in greater danger.

Extreme cold presents immediate risks, such as frostbite, which can occur after only five to ten minutes of exposure. Prolonged exposure to intense cold can result in significant loss of body heat. Beyond a certain point, the body is unable to compensate for the loss of heat, resulting in a significant loss of body temperature. Hypothermia occurs when the body temperature drops below 35°C. Hypothermia is a medical emergency requiring prompt medical care.
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