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In the Feb. 18 edition of Townships Weekend, humorist Ross Murray offers tips on how to avoid being a casualty of gym-related accidents. “No one knows exactly how many Canadians are injured at the gym because Canadians are notoriously reluctant to put anyone out, even when their femur is protruding like a broken parking meter.”

David Winch writes that Hydro’s obsession with hydroelectric energy has painted it into a corner, distracting it from seeking other options.

Prospectors have been eyeing the area around St-Felix de Kingsey as potential sources of minerals but some residents aren’t interested in short term prospects. Residents told reporter Nick Fonda: “A mining operation might be profitable for a short while, and a few people might make money, but who’s going to live with the consequences of that mining operation, especially if there’s extensive environmental degradation and damage to underground water tables?  Will we still be able to farm?

Columnist Helen Fortin talks about the rewards of mentoring and Greg Bishop explains that horses weren’t always housed in stables.

Shawn MacWha gives us a history of a forgotten village.

In 1836, the British American Land Company established the village of Victoria on the Salmon River which was intended to serve as a hub for the families which were starting to move into Bury and Lingwick townships. Located at the junction of two roads that had just been cleared by the company the village was located approximately two kilometres west of present-day Scotstown.

Knowlton artist Garry Hamilton, who is wintering in the Dominican Republic ,shares some extraordinary sketches that allow you to feel the breeze on your face as horses gallop on the beach.

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