Trans rights group cautious about Bill 2 modifications

By Gordon Lambie
Local Journalism Initiative
Séré Beauchesne-Lévesque, the Coordinator of local TransEstrie says the organization is not reassured by the news that Justice Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette intends to walk-back part of his proposed families law, Bill 2, that would require people to have surgery to legally change their sex.
“We don’t know yet if this is good news, because we don’t know what modifications will be made,” Beauchesne-Lévesque said. “It could be that they remove the surgical component only to replace it with some other medical requirement, which would not be better.”
The TransEstrie coordinator said that although a representative of Quebec’s Justice Ministry told reporters last week that the surgery component would be dropped from the bill, a lack of clarity on the revisions to the proposed legislation keeps them from feeling at ease about the situation.
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