Trees, please!

Trees, please!

Free trees available at Lucien-Blanchard park for Sherbrooke residents May 20

By Jack Wilson


The Association forestière du sud de Québec will be handing out trees in Sherbrooke’s Lucien-Blanchard park May 20. The 4,000 trees will be available on a first-come-first-served basis to residents of Sherbrooke and neighbouring towns alike.

The association distributes trees annually in collaboration with the Natural Resources and Forests ministry. The event will offer several species of trees, said organizer Mélanie Bergeron. “We have maples, oaks, cherry trees, walnut trees, spruce trees, pines.” All trees are native to Quebec and require minimal care, she said. The trees will be at least two years old.

Organizers seek to highlight “the advantages of trees in our environment,” Bergeron said, which include both environmental and health benefits. The environmental benefits include air and water purification.

On the health side, “having trees in our immediate environment, close to our homes reduces stress,” Bergeron said. “It has a soothing effect on human beings.” Trees can also filter dust out of the air, helping those with breathing difficulties and offer “a sensation of coolness,” by providing shade and reducing humidity, she added.

“There will be lots of professionals to offer advice on the trees,” she said, including English speakers. The experts will help participants pick the best species for their property. Participants will be welcome to take up to three trees home with them.


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