Trinity Anglican Church tribute to ambulance services in Cowansville

By Louise Smith

Parishioner Dawn Larin of Trinity Anglican Church, in Cowansville, wanted to acknowledge the work done by the ambulance services personnel in the area. She came up with an idea and shared it with her congregation. Immediately it was taken up and the baking began. Cookies of all kinds were lovingly produced.
Along with Rev. William Blizzard and over twenty other members, 23 dozen cookies were baked and donated to the cause. The sweet treats were packaged in large containers decorated with rainbow-coloured hearts.
On Wednesday, May 20 at 1 p.m. three of the first response vehicles, along with five members of the first responder team, drove onto the site of Trinity Anglican Church. The cookie makers were there, all wearing masks as per the new norm, and they made their presentation to a delighted team. The receivers knew they were being saluted, but the amount of cookies in the containers was a pleasant surprise. Guillaume Doste, the supervisor of the Cowansville Ambulance Service team spoke on behalf of his colleagues in thanking the bakers for the treats.
By the twinkle in everyone’s eyes, it can be properly assumed that everyone was smiling! Both receivers and donors enjoyed the occasion.

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